The Voice Of Anatolia...

Erdal Akkaya

Photo: Firat Tuncer

The bridge from the past to the future...

Erdal Akkaya has his own style of performance and the touches of his instrument are clearly noticeable. He works to carry the traditional musical heritage to the future and experiments with combining şelpe, a traditional playing style, with today's contemporary music. His entire aim is to produce works with rich content in his musical journey extending from the past to the future. While listening to his Baglama, you get the feeling that more than one instrument is playing at the same time... "

The album "coming with rain" (Yağmurla Gelen), published in 1997, was followed by the albums Ciğerparem and Alapınar kurna kurna. The albums can be accessed on all digital music platforms.


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Erdal's compositions are truly fascinating. Their performances are filled with passion and emotion.


Photos: Ali Kaleli