Photograph: Firat Tuncer

Erdal Akkaya

I was born in Istanbul in 1972. I met Baglama in 1982, when he was in Libya. Since 1984, I started to study folk music at Fırtına Music House in theory and practice. Here, I had the opportunity to listen to bards such as Aşık Ali Metin, Zevrakı and Haydar Acar, who continued the Anatolian Minstrel tradition. In addition, I had the opportunity to listen to masters such as Yavuz Top and Talip Özkan. In 1985, when I was a secondary school student, I met Hasret Gültekin in Fırtına Music and our adventure with baglama came to life in the 90s with şelpe works and an album work in Cologne, Germany. .Prof. I took harmony lessons from Jirair Arslanyan and voice training from Elena Kember. I gave my first solo recital in 1997 in Duisburg, Germany. Between 1997 and 2011, I attended concerts with Zülfü Livaneli at home and abroad. Within the scope of these concerts, I attended concerts with Mikis theodorakis and Maria Farandoiri in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Greece and the United States. In 2002, I composed the music for the documentary "Bir Tutam Temre Otu". In 2009, I gave a concert in Hagia Irene with the oud virtuoso Ara Dinkjian. This concert was followed by a concert titled "Songs from the Euphrates to the Rhine" with the Stuttgart Youth Symphony Orchestra. I taught Baglama lessons in public schools in Germany, as well as at the Bönen city music school in 2010-2021. I gave Baglama lessons between 2021 and 2021. In 2021, I wrote a German and Turkish Basic Baglama Training book for children. I have shared the stage with flamenco guitarist Jeronimo Maya in Turkey and many countries around the world since 2011. I gave concerts with the Duisburg Philharmonic Orchestra in Duisburg in 2011, and at Hagia Irini, Enka and Maltepe University in 2012. I gave a concert with the Duisburg Symphony at the Çanakkale 50th Troy Festival. Since 2013, I gave concerts with the Berlin Symphony Chamber Orchestra at the Istanbul Tim Maslak Show Center, in 2016 and 2019 at the Berlin Philharmonic, Düsseldorf Tonhalle and Warsaw Royal Palace. In 2018, I performed with the Tokyo Mukayema Symphony Orchestra in Tokyo and in New York, Tehran and Toronto. I gave concerts in world-renowned cities. I am married to Terlan Akkaya and the father of Aras. I continue my music studies in Germany and Turkey.